Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Misanthropless Day

There is a downside to writing a blog centered around the state of misanthropy: my life and the people in it more often than not redeem my faith in humankind. Last night for instance, I watched my husband and about eight of his friends surf at dusk with the fervor of a bunch of ten year old kids. Big, strong, hardworking, (and quite handsome I should add) men, playing together like children- just like they have been doing for thirty years. Meanwhile our kids and I sat on the beach building impressive sandcastles and tunnels which served as homes to the large and creepy sand crabs we caught. A friend and I played an unsuccessful, yet very fun game of paddle ball as the sun began to set at Black's Beach, aka: our back yard. My point: where do I find the dislike and distrust I so often embrace? On this occasion, I do not.

If I looked hard enough, surely I could find things that are capable of driving me crazy. Like the countless cigarette butts that people leave on the beach, for the birds to mistake for food, or for my kids to add to the top of the sandcastle as a flag. Or perhaps the skim-boarders that somehow have a magnetic pull towards my two year old. THOSE THINGS ARE DANGEROUS! But that's where it ends. After a stressful few days, relaxing on a beautiful night on the beach, talking to a friend who happens to be a fantastic listener has for now redeemed the value of people; at least for this occasional misanthrope.

The ugly is always out there, but so is the beautiful. I guess we see what we look for. <3

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