Friday, August 12, 2011

mis·an·thrope ...... \ˈmi-sən-ˌthrōp\

So about a year ago I came across a new word which quickly became a staple in my daily vocabulary. Misanthrope. On the fateful day of discovery I felt that I was, by definition, a misanthrope. Good 'ole Wikipedia defines the word as "a generalized dislike, distrust, disgust, contempt or hatred of the human species or human nature." Yes, rather harsh, I know; but don't we all feel that way sometimes? Maybe some more than others. Maybe only on occasion.

Now, I feel that I have excellent reason to label myself as such and when I am in a state of misanthropy, the single best way to shake it is to write it out. I have asked myself time and time again, who wants to hear the rantings of some middle-class, thirty-something, wife and mother of two; who in reality has it pretty darn good? Maybe no one. Or...... maybe all of the other occasional misanthropes who find themselves worked into a tizzy over one or all of the following things:

1. People who walk the wrong way down the sidewalk, causing others to clumsily evade them.
2. When at a four way stop, people are being so very kind and generous, that they sit there, insisting that one of the other three cars go on ahead. No one goes. Finally, after thirty awkward and wasted seconds, you finally make the decision to go- even though you were the last person to arrive at said stop sign.
3. Dog-lovers who insist that owning and raising a dog is exactly like child-rearing, and then proceed to pull out 28 photos of Fifi on their last Hawaiian vacation.
4. Slightly overweight/extremely unmotivated people who opt to use the motorized carts in the grocery store; who shoot you nasty glares because you don't move immediately out of their path. (You are lazy, not handicapped).

So by now you get what I am saying, right? These are not major offenses and are probably no reason to even get perturbed; but to the occasional misanthrope they are inexcusable offenses of humankind. This blog will serve to both alleviate the ridiculous tension I allow to build up because of my daily interactions, and hopefully to supply you with a good laugh too.

Oh, and if you are an occasional misanthrope (or even a permanent one), you are NOT alone.

Thank you for reading my silly blog, and feel free to leave comments on what it is about humanity that makes your skin crawl for no good reason.


  1. yay! will follow with enthusiasm ;-)

  2. ... but not too much enthusiasm. as to seem needy. or bored. or irksome in a way that might raise your misanthropic antennae.

  3. On the way back from my reality,I will shurly pause for a session of new anecdotal and imperical evidence that human kind is still screwy.

  4. hahahahah all of the above get me in a "tizzy"